Do I need an appointment?

Yes. To ensure each of our brides receives the luxe experience, we require appointments to try on gowns. Click here to book your appointment today.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Take some time to look through your saved Instagram/Pinterest photos so you have a general idea of what you are looking for in a wedding dress. This will help us get started in the selection process and will help your stylist with recommendations when you come in. Remember to bring undergarments similar to those you are planning on wearing on your wedding day.

Can I bring a large party to my appointment?

Due to the current circumstances, we are asking all appointments be kept to a MAXIMUM of 3 guests. Please note all guests must wear and keep their masks on throughout the entire duration of the appointment and will be sitting on the same couch. Please plan accordingly.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Our gowns range from $1200 to about $5000 with our best selection falling between $2000 and $3000. If you have specific questions about a certain designers price range, feel free to email or call us for more information.

What is a trunk show?

Luxe Bride carries a selection of each designer's collection, but trunk shows are a designated time that Luxe Bride will have an extended selection of a particular collection. Trunk shows only last a couple of days, and appointments fill up quickly, so we recommend you book early if one of your favorite designers will be visiting Luxe Bride. Discounts and freebies apply on trunk show merchandise during the trunk show dates only.

Do you have plus size samples?

Yes! We pride ourselves in carrying floor samples up to size 26, and most designers can accommodate up to size 32! However, if you are in love with a gown and we do not have your size, some designers offer loaners. A loaner is a sample gown sent to us, for a small fee, from the designer closer to your size. We also use clips for the dresses that are too big on the body as well as pins to accommodate gowns that are on the smaller side. If you would like more information on what styles we carry in your size, please feel free to call or email us.

Will I need alterations?

All bridal gowns need alterations to give you the perfect fit for your wedding day. The amount of work needed will depend on the designer you are ordering from. Some designers are "made to measure" meaning they fully take your measurements into account while creating your gown. These dresses are a little more costly but will save you in the long run with alterations. Other designers are standard sizing, meaning we measure you and choose the size that is closest to your measurements. These gowns are sometimes on the lower end of the price range, however, keep in mind more alterations will be needed to fit the gown to you once it arrives. We recommend allowing yourself two months before your wedding for alterations, so make sure to add this time onto the four to six months for gown production.

Are alterations included in the cost of my gown?

No. Alterations are separate from your gown, please make sure to take this into account when budgeting. Typical bridal alterations range from $350 to $850 depending on the amount of work your gown needs to reach the perfect fit. This is not an actual estimate.

When should I order my wedding dress?

Our dresses take between four and six months to produce. We suggest deciding on a dress six to nine months prior to your wedding date, so you have time built in for fittings and accessorizing. Our designers do offer rush options, some as quickly as six weeks, rush fees do apply.

Is the full amount of my gown due upfront?

Payment options are available. We require a 60% deposit to place your order and have the designer start production. The remaining 40% can be split into three payments that will be due 30, 60, and 90 days after your order is placed.

Why do you charge for appointments?

Your time is very valuable to us as is our stylists' time. We charge a consultation fee for each appointment, if you find your dream dress during your appointment, your consultation fee will be credited towards your purchase. Appointment fees cannot be combined if you schedule multiple appointments. No shows or cancellations less than 24 hours prior to appointment time will forfeit consultation fee.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Feel free to call, email, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I bring champagne?

We ask that all outside food and drink be left out of the salon. Due to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, masks must be worn and kept on throughout the duration of your appointment, bride and guests included.

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